Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!  If you have considered trying out Page Plus' service to try and save on your cell phone bill, now is the time!!  Plus, if you haven't heard the news, The 55 plan got even better recently.  The data increased from 2 GB to 2.5 GB.  So for $55 a month, you are now receiving unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 2.5 GB of data.  Any current customers currently on this plan will receive their increase on their renewal after November 20th.  Here are the deals for the next couple of days in November including Black Friday, but if any late breaking deals get posted, I will post them too:

1.  Kitty Wireless is giving away a FREE $12 plan for your first month to try out this great service.  If you do a new activation on the Kitty Wireless website to get a new number on a device, or you do a new port-in request on the website to bring an existing number into Page Plus through Kitty Wireless, KW will give you a free $12 monthly plan to try out for the first month, completely free of charge.  Or if you go directly to a higher plan, you can take advantage of the 10% off noted below.  So not only will the activation or port-in request be free, but so will the $12 plan, courtesy of Kitty Wireless.  Once your new activation or port request is done, you must PROGRAM your device, place your first call OUT from your device and speak to someone for at least one minute (which would be covered by the $2 credit you automatically receive) and then let KW know once this is done.  They will then load your free $12 plan. 

2.  Both activations and port-ins are free.  You will also receive a 10% or 25% coupon code off your first month (depending on the type of pin you are ordering) to use towards that newly activated or ported-in number.  You will get the choice of using the 25% off coupon code towards your first month of "The 12 Plan" (which is actually free for the rest of this month--see #1) or towards your first $10 cash PIN.  OR you can use the 10% off coupon towards your first month on the $29.95, $39.95, $55.00 or $69.95 plans.  This offer is good through 3 pm EST 11/30/2013. 

3.  Port in a number from another carrier*, into Page Plus through Kitty Wireless, up until 3pm EST on 11/30/2013, and signup for the $55/mo plan... (you'll get 10% off your first month!)... and they will give you 5% off your $55 plan every month, for as long as you have that plan with Kitty Wireless on AutoPay!  For as long as you have that number, on that plan, on AutoPay with KW, you will only pay $52.25 per month.  Automatic 5% savings!  (*You must be verifiable with KW.  If you port in from a POST PAID carrier, such as AT&T, Sprint, US Cellular or Verizon, where you underwent a credit check and were mailed a bill each month to pay, KW can verify you easier than if you port in from a prepaid carrier.  Having a home verifiable landline is the best way to be verified.  They will do they very best to verify you, but not everyone is verifiable.)  
4.  For all Kitty Wireless customers, you can take advantage of a 5% discount on any one-time PIN or on the first month of any brand new monthly AutoPay plan (not a recurring discount).  Just use code SAVE5 and click the APPLY button.  Valid thru 11/30/2013. 

5.  Save 25% on all online services such as ESN changes.  Just use code SERV25 and click the APPLY button.  Valid thru 11/30/2013.

6.  Kitty Wireless is offering some phones at amazing holiday prices.  And any phones they sell come with their exclusive 2 year warranty.  Valid thru 11/30/2013.

IMPORTANT ALERT:  After you type any coupon code in the coupon field during checkout, it is CRITICAL that you press the "Apply" button so that the price is discounted at the time of sale.  There is no possible way to make a coupon code retroactive, so the shopping cart MUST reflect the proper discounted price before you check out!

And don't forget that you will also receive a $2 credit when you activate a new number or port-in a number from another carrier to test the service. 


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