Here are the deals for the month of May:

1.  Do a new activation or port in, get 25% off your first month on The 12 Plan, or 10% off your first month on the $29.95, $39.95, $55.00 or $69.95 plans!  NEW Coupon Codes are now being distributed to new port-in and new activation customers for May.  Reminder:  This is ONLY valid on the first monthly plan, on a new activation or new port, done within May, no exceptions.

2.  Kitty Wireless is going to continue free new activations and free port requests throughout the
month of May!  Spread the word!

3.  All handsets will be out of stock for the month of May, while we work a new lineup!

4.  And if you saw the special deal that was supposed to happen in April for a free 'The 12 Plan', there were some technical difficulties, so you didn't miss it.  So, Kitty Wireless is going to try to fit in that April free plan promo that they did not get to pull off in April.  Stay tuned for that.  I will post as soon as I hear the exact dates.  (See the April post for more details.)

And don't forget that you will also receive a $2 credit when you activate a new number or port-in
a number from another carrier to test the service. 

I hope 2013 is treating you well and you have been able to save money.  Feel free to comment or send me an email on different ways you save and I may post it so others can take advantage too. 


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