Well who knew that the very next day after I post, there would be a new Kitty Wireless special?  Well there is and it is a limited time offer, but is a great opportunity for anyone wanting to activate a new line with Page Plus and Kitty Wireless.  Right now thru 3:00 p.m. EST on 2/28/13, anyone can activate a new line for FREE!!!  This is a great way to "test out" Kitty Wireless and Page Plus if you are hesitant to make the leap from a traditional postpaid cellular plan.   Back before I made the switch I considered this option, but ended up just making the leap straight from postpaid (contract) to prepaid and have no regrets.  But I do know it is a scary leap, so this is a very easy way to try it out with little risk.  If you have an old Verizon Wireless postpaid phone just sitting around, you can activate it thru Kitty Wireless for free, receive the $2 credit to test the service out and then if needed, buy minutes or a monthly plan to see if it suits your needs before you drop your current plan.  So click on one of the Kitty Wireless banners now to take advantage of this GREAT offer!

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