April is going to be a GREAT month for Kitty Wireless customers!!  If you have considered making a change to help save on your cell phone bill, now is the perfect time to check out these
Later this month, on a date to be announced, Kitty Wireless is going to be offering
this deal:

When the event starts, we will make new activations free on our website.  EVERYONE will be able
to activate a new device, with a new number.  Once you activate the device, you will need to program it, and place your first call OUT (and someone MUST answer it on the other end) to activate the line.

Once that is done, Kitty Wireless will be loading a free $12.00 plan on each of these lines. ONLY the lines that are activated DURING this event - not before, not after.  This event will start and run until 10,000 lines are activated, programmed, and on a plan.  Then it will end.  This will give 10,000 lines a free month on Page Plus, to try it out.  FREE.  No credit card needed.  It is suspected that 10,000 new activations& plans will be gone in under a day. 

Port-ins will be included but they might not be able to be completed in time depending on the transfer from your old carrier, so there are no guarantees on them but it is possible (and if not
the deals below would still be in effect).

The date this will take place will be posted on the forum and sent via email on the mailing list, but I will also post it on my Facebook page and here on my website once I know it.  This will be a
GREAT way to test out the service for one month with no cost on your part; you can just use an old Verizon phone you may have sitting around to test it out with.  That’s it to get a free month of cellular service (250 minutes, 250 texts and 10 MB of data).

Don’t worry if you miss the limited time deal because the rest of the Kitty Wireless April deals include the following:

· New activations for $9.99

· Port-in requests are still free.

· You will receive a $2 credit when you activate a new number or port-in a number from another carrier to test the service.  You will also receive a code in your port-in or activation completed
emails to save 10% off your first month on a monthly plan $29.95 or higher or save 25% off your first month on the $12.00 plan.  This promotion is valid until 3:00 pm EST on 4/30/2013 and is only valid on the newly activated or ported-in number done thru Kitty Wireless.  (This is a one-time only discount and is not a recurring monthly discount.)

I also updated the "Other Savings" section about a way to save on gasoline.  I am working on another item for the Other Savings section and hope to post about it very soon.  I hope spring time brings you lots of savings!!

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